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I have been a member of the Rec Club and have belonged to numerous private gyms over the years and I have to say this is really my favourite. I use the gym and pool. Firstly, it is a real plus to have use of a swimming pool – few gyms have this facility. The only one I ever belonged to in the past which had a pool was an enormous place and very expensive. The swimming pool is small, but so long as there are no more than say 4/5 adults in the water, you can comfortably do some lengths. The changing rooms are good and clean and the showers hot. The gym is great – bright and welcoming – and there are all the machines I could possibly need, and they all work smoothly . As I am now retired I can go during the day when it is quiet. It does get busy on Saturdays. Best of all I have Raz for personal training, and he is just lovely, puts me through my paces, and is a gentle but firm instructor, I feel all the better for our sessions.