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Children’s swimming lessons
Summer holidays will be 5 weeks Monday to Friday;14:30 – 17:30 from the week commencing on the 29th of July until the week commencing on 26th of August.
The Autumn term will be back to regular times from the 2nd of September.

Welcome to a world where water isn’t just a liquid; it’s an arena of discovery, joy and lifelong wellness. At Swimming Nature, we don’t just teach swimming; we nurture a relationship with water that’s as natural as breathing. Our passion for the aquatic realm is boundless and we’re here to guide you on a journey of transformation, confidence and skill.

A paradigm of excellence

At the heart of Swimming Nature lies a paradigm shift in how we approach swimming education. We understand that water should be your friend, not a source of fear. From this cornerstone belief, our revolutionary approach unfolds. Our aim isn’t just to teach you to swim but to make water a seamless extension of your existence.

Unleash your potential

Our pioneering methods have garnered acclaim from parents, students and experts in the field. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to your potential. We believe in teaching with purpose, empowering you with the right techniques from the outset. As soon as you step into the water, you’ll realise that this is more than just a lesson—it’s the beginning of a lifelong partnership with water.

Inspired instruction

Our instructors aren’t just coaches; they’re mentors, friends and fellow adventurers in the aquatic realm. With ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) or STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association) qualifications, they’re dedicated to helping you embrace the water as your playground. Every stroke they teach and every technique they impart are guided by a singular goal: to help you become an effortless and confident swimmer.

Technology-driven progress

In our commitment to your growth, we employ the latest technology to track your progress. Our teachers use specially-designed mobile data systems to measure improvement and document achievements. This data is securely accessible on our interactive website, allowing you to visualise your progress and stay motivated from the comfort of your home.

Real results, lifelong benefits

Swimming Nature isn’t just about learning to swim; it’s about gaining life skills and enhancing your well-being. Whether you’re an infant, a child or an adult, our programs aim to foster balance, rhythm, coordination, self-confidence and concentration. With a focus on swimming as a lifelong habit, we help you unlock the door to fit and healthy living.

Join us in a journey that goes beyond the surface of water. Embark on a path that leads to mastery, confidence and a profound connection with the aquatic world. At Swimming Nature, water becomes more than a medium—it becomes your ally, your playground and your endless source of inspiration.

For more information please call 08445 040506 or visit https://www.swimmingnature.com/

  1. Confidence in water: Swimming Nature classes focus on building a strong foundation of water confidence, helping participants feel comfortable and at ease in aquatic environments.
  2. Efficient stroke mechanics: participants learn correct stroke techniques from the start which leads to efficient and effortless swimming, reducing energy expenditure and enhancing overall performance.
  3. Lifelong skill: learning to swim is an essential life skill that can enhance safety, open opportunities for water-based activities and provide a valuable skill for emergencies.
  4. Personalised approach: Swimming Nature’s approach emphasises personalised instruction, catering to individual needs, abilities and learning styles, ensuring effective skill development.
  5. Small class sizes: with small class sizes or one-to-one instruction, participants receive personalised attention from instructors, leading to quicker progress and improved skill acquisition.
  6. Positive relationship with water: the foundation of Swimming Nature is that water is a friend, fostering a positive attitude toward water activities and aquatic environments.
  7. Enjoyment and fun: lessons are designed to be enjoyable, ensuring that participants have fun while learning, promoting a positive association with swimming.
  8. Fitness and well-being: swimming is an excellent form of exercise that engages various muscle groups, improves cardiovascular health and contributes to overall fitness and well-being.
  9. Cognitive stimulation: learning and refining swimming techniques involve coordination, rhythm and concentration, providing cognitive stimulation and mental engagement.
  10. Social interaction: group classes encourage social interaction and camaraderie among participants, making the learning experience more enjoyable and fostering new connections.
  11. Goal achievement: setting and achieving swimming milestones, such as swimming a specific distance or mastering a stroke, boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.
  12. Body awareness: swimming requires body awareness and control, enhancing participants’ understanding of their bodies’ movements and positioning in water.
  13. Stress relief: being in the water and engaging in physical activity can contribute to stress reduction, relaxation and improved mood.
  14. Independence and safety: learning to swim empowers individuals with the ability to stay safe in water environments, whether in pools, lakes or oceans.
  15. Flexibility and mobility: the buoyancy of water reduces impact on joints, making swimming a suitable exercise for individuals with joint issues or limited mobility.
  16. Breathing techniques: swimming involves controlled breathing, which can improve lung capacity, respiratory health and mindfulness.
  17. Adaptive learning: Swimming Nature’s approach is adaptable, making it suitable for individuals of all ages, skill levels and abilities, including those with special needs.
  18. Positive role models: interaction with knowledgeable and passionate instructors sets positive role models for participants, inspiring them to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  19. Tracking progress: through technology, participants can monitor their progress, enhancing motivation and providing a tangible measure of improvement.
  20. Lifetime enjoyment: the skills acquired through Swimming Nature classes offer a foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in water-based activities, whether for fitness, recreation or leisure.
To book

For lesson details and fees please call 08445 040 506 or visit www.swimmingnature.com