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Creating one-on-one fitness programmes, motivating and guiding you to achieve your goals

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Do you need more motivation to achieve a goal you may have set yourself? Would you like to build your confidence in the gym?

We offer one-to-one personal training sessions with our in-house dedicated personal trainers who can really help you get the results you want for your own physical health and wellbeing.

Our personal trainers can help you to:

  • set achievable fitness targets so you see the results you want
  • stay motivated and on track to achieve your targets by keeping your workout sessions fun and interesting
  • improve your wellbeing and your health
  • become comfortable and confident using gym equipment.

About our personal trainers

Our friendly personal trainers are experienced in delivering one-to-one sessions which are tailored to your targets and abilities, fun and will keep you engaged in your workout.

We offer a full range of packages at competitive prices to suit what you want to achieve and your budget

Personal Training Prices – Please call or email for any enquires.

Free consultations are available, pre-purchase, for people purchasing personal trainer sessions.

How do I know which package is right for me?

Come in and speak to us – we’ll help you work out the best option for you.

Special offer: if you book five or ten sessions online, we offer a 20% discount off the full cost of your package.

Are you a personal trainer who wants to rent our gym space?

We offer a well-equipped gym space that we are confident can cater to your needs as a personal trainer to your clients.

If you choose to rent gym space at the Rec Club, our supportive staff and gym atmosphere can help you take your personal training offer to the next level for your clients.

To rent our gym space per month: £150

We have a wide range of gym facilities on offer including:

  • strength training equipment
  • cardiovascular conditioning machines
  • functional training spaces

Duty Manager

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Boxing/Kickboxing Specialist
Strength and conditioning
Weight loss training
Circuit Training
HIIT Workout

Inspirational Quote
‘The art of life is to live in the present moment’

Fun Fact!
Parvez has competed in amateur k1 and boxing.


Duty Manager

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Weight loss training
Muscle Building
Box fit instructor

Inspirational Quote
‘Fitness is a journey, be ready to make positive changes in your lifestyle and enjoy the process’.

Fun Fact!
“I have been vegan for the last 5 years, and I love it”


Duty Manager

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Weight loss training

Muscle Building

Pure Lifestyle Specialist

Inspirational Quote

‘What seems impossible today will one day  become your warm-up’.


Duty Manager

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Studio Cycling
Weightlifting /Kettlebells/weight management
GP referral
Penalty Box Instructor

Inspirational Quote
‘The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step’

Fun Fact!
Raz once ran the London Marathon on his birthday