Gym/fitness room

Strength, weight and bodybuilding equipment

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Our bright, spacious gym is equipped with a wide range of gym equipment for strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional training spaces and much more:

Training benches

Dumbbell, barbell sets and kettlebell sets for free weight training exercises

Pull-up frame and bar for upper body strength training and muscle building

Adjustable weight benches that allow you to perform various exercises

Two power racks for squats, bench presses and shoulder lifts with more stability and control than free weights

Olympic and standard weights to attach to barbells and dumbbells

Multi gyms combining several fitness stations in one place, such as chest press and leg pull down machines

Power racks for performing heavy lifts

Cable machines

Functional trainers/cable machines with pulleys and cables that can be moved in different directions

Stationary exercise bikes for improving endurance

Two rowing machines

ATM stepper machines

Fitness mirrors

Ab crunch machine

Suspension trainers for strength, core work and endurance

Training bench for exercises with weights or body weights

Treadmills for burning calories

Exercise balls for core movements for stretching and mobility

Mats for individual work-out space

Preacher curl machine

Hex bar

Queenax frame including boxing bag, T-bar row and bars

Gym ball, sandbags and TRX cables